E Y E S  F R O M  A B O V E

Island in Zambia

Hi Everyone ,

Like you allready may have read, Fred has a passion for drones in any way you can think of.
He can tell you all about them,
fly them, teach you how to fly them too and also repair them for you ;)

We are able to Capture any of Your Events Indoors or Outdoors and turn it into a nice Compilation.

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Our Camera's 

* DJI Pro drones 
* Several action camera's: Gopro, SJ, DJI Several
* 360 Gopro, Mi Sphere
​* Slr Pro camera's:  Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic
* All camera's are 4K film Resolution

Some links to compilations We Made or Contributed to:

* Private events of course will not be shared online without your consent.

By Us