We handle special  prices for artists! :)

We Love it when artists Honour us by using our Photos as a Reference for their Art :)
And of course we would Love to see the Result(s) and share it with Hyperlink & Credits here on this page and our Facebook page  Reference Photos & More wich we share with the verry talented  fellow photographer, verry good friend, fellow animallover, turquoise lover and fellow redhead  Tazi Brown :)

* Also, we would be Verry Happy if you would Share "Our Credits" when sharing your Art Works on your Social Media :)


The Price Info below is copied from our Terms & Conditions. Please do read them thouroughly 


Most images are available for prices between €10,- and €30,- per photo. 

Royalty Free License
For art that is created for personal use or to be offered for sale under € 1.000,-, (one thousand) a 'Royalty Free License' is not needed or could be considered included in the indicated price for art reference use.

If you expect the price of your art piece to be over € 1.000,-, a Royalty Free License is required.

Instead of asking for 10% royalties, I offer you the possibility to purchase the Royalty Free License (RFL) in advance for a very special price.

If you expect your asking price will be between

€ 1.000 and € 5.000,- RFL is € 50,-
€ 5.000 and € 10.000,- RFL is € 100,-
Over € 10.000,- RFL is € 250,-

*The licences above are included in the above prices you can find in the shop next to the photos.


Your Art piece
Your art piece may be entered in competitions, exhibitions and/or sold if you have purchased the image for art reference use. You may also sell prints, merchandise etc. of your art piece.


When you purchase 5 (or more) photographs to use as a reference, you pay for 4 photos. This translates into a 20% discount on your total purchase when buying 5 or more photos in one order. Do make sure to enter the discount code '5=4' before check out.


Exclusive use for art reference / Sole Use
If you wish to create an exclusive art piece, it is possible to claim 'exclusive use' or 'sole use' for reference on a photograph. If the artist and photographer can agree on the price, the photograph will be removed from our website for art reference and will no longer be available for other artists. The copyright will remain with the photographer at all times, thus the photographer has the right to publish, print, share and sell the original photograph for anything other than art reference.The price for exclusive/sole use depends on the popularity of the image, so there can not be a set price for it
For more information or to request 'sole use' on your favourite photograph(s), feel free to contact us via [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.


Reference For Art Classes License
Art teachers can use a reference photo for their classes or online tutorials by purchasing a Reference For Art Class/Tutorial License (Included in the price for Art Classes)


x Mris & Fred