Instead of asking for a percentage of your royalties, we offer 4 different prices with a Royalty Free License included. The prices depend on the selling price of your art:

€ 0 and 1.000,-                                                                                                                                      
 1.000 and € 5.000,- Euro
€ 5.000 and € 10.000,- Euro
Over € 10.000,- Euro

Your Artwork

Your art piece may be entered in competitions, exhibitions and/or sold if you have purchased the image for art reference use. You may also sell prints, merchandise etc. of your art piece.

Sole Use
If you wish to create an exclusive art piece, it is possible to claim 'exclusive use' or 'sole use' for reference on a photograph. If the artist and photographer can agree on the price, the photograph will be removed from our website for art reference and will no longer be available for other artists. The copyright will remain with the photographer at all times, thus the photographer has the right to publish, print, share and sell the original photograph for anything other than art reference.The price for exclusive/sole use depends on the popularity of the image, so there can not be a set price for itFor more information or to request 'sole use' on your favourite photograph(s), feel free to contact us via [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Art Classes License
Art teachers can use a reference photo for their classes or online tutorials by purchasing a Reference For Art Class/Tutorial License (Included in the price for Art Classes)


x Mris & Fred