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Over the years I have sold many photos to Artists as a reference and November 2020 I decided it was time to try and isee if I could make some art myself. This wasn't easy. I started about where I left off 30 years or so ago, but being a photographer I learned how to look en found out that looking in a different way made all the difference.
I got hooked and from then on every painting turned out a bit better than the one before. I am still learning and love it.

I use my own photos as a reference and all my photos on this site are available for Art Reference for a small price depending on your selling price.
For more info check under "Art & Artists" in the menu.

x Mris

AND Yess! The Originals are for sale too....Exept of course the Ones that Sold allready .)
Cheetah cubAfrican painted dog portraitFire birdLeopard on the prawl (Goofy)Cheetah eyesTwo horsesAfrican girlThirsty elephantsImpalaZebra EyeLeopard resting on a branch (Shaggy)Lion siblingsAfrican ElephantWhite RhinoLion portraitPortrait of a cheetah mother with her cub, kiss (Kate & Kenay))ingRing-tailed lemurAmur tiger in naturePortrait of a tiger mother with her cub, kissing (Angara with cub)Expressionistic leopard portrait