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I sell many photos to Artists for Art Reference.
Just some time ago I thought lto see if I could make some Art Myself and ...... got hooked.
The HighRes photos can be downloded, but....Yess! The Originals are for sale too!
*Exept the allready Privately Owned ones :)

For Prints & Merchandise you can buy the photo and use your own printservice or contact Me and I will order it for you. (Netherlands).
Price = Personal Use price + 10 on top of he Vendor price + Shipping costs.

All ther sites where prints & merchandise of my work can be ordered:
Fine Art America/Pixels
Saatchi Art
Werk aan de Muur
Cute lion cubRed panda (Angelies)Ode to KateLeopard on the prawl (Goofy)Cheetah cubAfrican painted dog portraitFire birdCheetah eyes (Duma)Two horsesAfrican girlThirsty elephantsImpalaZebra EyeLeopard resting on a branch (Shaggy)Lion siblingsAfrican ElephantWhite RhinoLion portraitPortrait of a cheetah mother with her cub, kissing (Kate & Kenay)Ring-tailed lemur