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I sell many photos to Artists for Art Reference.
Just some time ago I thought lto see if I could make some Art Myself and ...... got hooked.
The HighRes photos can be downloded, but....Yess! The Originals are for sale too!
*Exept the allready Privately Owned ones :)

For Prints & Merchandise you can buy the photo and use your own printservice or contact Me and I will order it for you. (Netherlands).
Price = Personal Use price + 10 on top of he Vendor price + Shipping costs.

All ther sites where prints & merchandise of my work can be ordered:
Fine Art America/Pixels
Saatchi Art
Werk aan de Muur
Red panda (Angelies)Ode to KateLeopard on the prawl (Goofy)Cheetah cubAfrican painted dog portraitFire birdCheetah eyes (Duma)Two horsesAfrican girlThirsty elephantsImpalaZebra EyeLeopard resting on a branch (Shaggy)Lion siblingsAfrican ElephantWhite RhinoLion portraitPortrait of a cheetah mother with her cub, kissing (Kate & Kenay)Ring-tailed lemurAmur tigress in nature (Petrouchka)